How we stand out of the crowd?

We are guided in our work by an understanding of the needs of our clients and their businesses, and by a commitment to providing them with professional, high-quality services. IMPEX CONSULT’s success in the market for international tax planning has always depended on the satisfaction of our clients.

We are pleased to report that:

  •  The number of our customers and partners has grown continuously since our founding;
  •  Hundreds of companies have placed their confidence in us;
  •  We provide ongoing professional training to all our employees;
  •  We maintain ongoing business relationships with international corporations in the world’s financial and legal centres;
  •  We regularly hold seminars and webinars, and offer distance-learning courses on a range of topics in international tax planning;
  •  We organise the annual International Business Conference IBCPIB™;
  •  We adopt new technology to support client education;
  •  We use modern and secure communications to ensure confidentiality for our customers.

Developing opportunities

The time has long passed when the knowledge and skills obtained in school and at university would be relevant for an entire career. Today, a basic education is nothing more than a foundation, and far from enough to build a successful career. For that reason, IMPEX CONSULT realises that no firm can count on enduring success without investing in the professional development of its employees.

We know that the quality of the services we offer depends directly on the skills and training of our employees. That’s why we continually invest in improving the qualifications of our analysts and consultants, and support their participation in conferences, webinars, hands-on seminars, and other activities that promote their professional development.

Current vacancies

Please visit our page to check out our current vacancies.