Accreditation of representative offices in Russia

A representative office is an office established by a company to conduct marketing and other non-transactional operations, represent and protect the legal entity’s interests, generally in a foreign country.

Are you seeking to open a foreign based representative office in the country of Russia? In order to legally establish such, you must receive the appropriate Russian accreditation documents. Expert accreditation services help to facilitate the various legal transactions and paperwork that are required for expedited processing.

If you are seeking to establish a representative office that does not reside within the city limits of Moscow or Saint Petersburg, you must obtain location approval from the managerial or governing leaders.

Our expert accreditation services of representative offices include the following:

  • Planning and construction of necessary legal documents
  • Facilitation of notarial services
  • Professional communication with valued translators that will ensure legitimate and thorough conversation
  • Deliver of appropriate documents to the Russian Ministry of Justice or State Registration Chamber (SRC)
  • Careful examination of documents obtained from the Russian Ministry of Justice or SRC
  • Completion of representative office’s tax registration paperwork
  • Conduction of necessary registration for the representative office
  • Will obtain a Rosstat letter with statistical codes
  • Provision (as required) of a legal address
  • Facilitation of bank account establishments
  • Provide an ink stamp to be used by the representative office for official documents and correspondence
  • Delivery of registered documents

Required Documentation

The following documents are required to establish a representative office in Russia. Our accreditation services assist in the collection and official preparation of these necessities.

  • Official certificate of registration or document from bank registration (document is valid for eight months following the issue date)
  • Foreign company charter (Provided by the SCR. Otherwise, provide the document confirming this provision that should be issued by authorities of your home country)
  • Approval for establishment (accreditation) of a representative office by the Russian Federation in the city of Moscow. Approval of chief operator or director of the representative office.
  • Letter of recommendation from home country bank confirming the ability to pay any accrued debt (document is valid for 6 months following the issue date). Letter must include the bank stamp or notarial signature.
  • Unlimited transferable power of attorney giving authorization to the chief operator of the base company in the homeland country, including the right to sign and approve any provision delegated by the representative office.
  • Proof of tax registration of the foreign legal entity. This could be a certificate from the tax authority of the foreign country that shows establishment in the country of incorporation, including the taxpayer code or its equivalent.
  • Notarized copy of confirmed representative office address. May include certificate of proprietorship or lease agreement.

NOTE: Foreign documents are submitted only with the original marks of consular certification and must be included with Russian translation certified in Russian consulate. These documents must meet the strict requirements to ensure processing. Accreditation to establish a representative office is usually processed within 21 business days following the date of full document submission. If required, accreditation process can be expedited to 7 business days.

Fees of accreditation

1 year $1000.00

2 years $2000.00

3 years $2500.00

How to start establishing Accreditation of Representative Offices in Russia

You can call any suitable office of lmpex Consult from 9:30 to 18:30 (Moscow time) or e-mail us any time at to learn more about opening a representative office in Russia.