Work permit in Russia

Foreign companies with a branch office in Russia are allowed to have five non-Russian employees per organization. The process to secure a work permit in Russia for foreign employees is extensive, but with the right representative it can be accomplished in just over two months.

Impex Consult Group has assisted with the employment of foreigner workers for ten years. Our consultants and attorneys are unmatched in dealing with the Russian immigration system to ensure you have the people you need for success in our country.

Even though your company may have already secured visas for the foreign employees you wish to bring to Russia, each employee will still need to be ‘invited’ back under a work permit. Work permits are secured through the following agencies in this order; the Local Employment Service, the Federal Employment Service and then the Federal Migration Service. Each agency process will take about two to four weeks.

Both your company and the employee you wish to bring to Russia will need to provide an extensive amount of documentation to begin the process. Gathering it may take some time but the Impex staff will help you with every step.

Company Documentation:

  • Articles of Incorporation (1 notarized copy)
  • Certificate of Entry into the Consolidated State Register (2 notarized copies)
  • Company License, if applicable (2 notarized copies)
  • Certificate from the Statistic Committee (2 notarized copies)
  • Certificate of Registration with the Tax Inspectorate (2 notarized copies)
  • Draft of labor agreement with the foreign employee
  • Power of Attorney (to be drafted by local counsel)
  • Original receipt proving State Duty payment (3,000 rubles and 1,000 rubles for each assignee)

Foreign Employee Documentation:

  • Copy of passport (all passports must have at least 6 months left before expiration)
  • Copy of Russian Visa
  • Copy of their university diploma or other educational degree
  • A medical examination performed by a registered physician in a RussianState clinic that certifies the applicant is free of Chlamydia, Genital Warts, HIV, Leprosy, Syphilis and Tuberculosis. Certification of this exam must be less than 90 days old when submitted.
  • A color photo

Keep in mind that once this process has been completed, according to Russian immigration rules, your foreign worker will have to leave the country under his business visa and then return to begin his employment under the new work permit. No one is allowed to change their immigration status while physically residing in the Russian Federation.

For more information or to begin the process, please contact our offices at 7 (495) 411-91-34 from 09:30 to 18:30 (Moscow time). You can also email us at