HR Administration Services

One of the most complex parts of running a business is handling labor legislation and requirements in Russia. There is a large amount of internal labor regulations, and they are also open to interpretation.

Your business is simply looking for these labor regulations to be applied practically to your real life business. Choose our HR administration service, and you will be getting years of experience, that will ensure that your business will be fully compliant, and avoid any potential pitfalls of misinterpreting legislation.

You can leave the routine HR tasks to us, we are your trusted partner for all of your HR administration services. We will handle, and manage all of your employee files, making sure that they are up to date, and stay compliant with all labor legislation and requirements in Russia, as well as any additional requirements you may have.

We will ensure your compliance through all stages of the employment process, from hiring new staff, to promotions, to when an employee leaves the business.

Our Expert Services

  • Creating all employee agreements
  • Managing your HR documentation
  • Overseeing your compensation and bonus policies
  • Instructing your employees on their position
  • Ensuring that all personnel cards & workbooks
  • Creating an organizational chart that shows the schedule of salaries and positions
  • Creating an organizational chart in relation to employee leave
  • Handling all personnel orders
    • Employee transfer orders
    • Employment & dismissal orders
    • Orders relating to employee bonuses