Payroll Services in Russia

Impex Consult is a professional consultancy company providing premium payroll services in Russia. Our focus is on providing an excellent level of service across the payroll spectrum; we will meet all your statutory payroll requirements as well as offering enhanced quality products.

Impex payroll routines are inclusive of, but not limited to; salary, incentive, and reimbursement calculations; provision of electronic payslips, and tax calculation and filing; and the provision of required statutory and management reports. In order to fully meet your company’s needs, we conduct an in-depth preliminary consultation to define and establish your calculation procedures and software requirements.

In addition to the common payroll routines, we offer premium services such as ‘Private Lounge’ – a web based communication channel linking the employee to the company; this allows for more speed in exchanging information and lowers costs associated with processing complex HR and payroll data. A further example of our superior service is that we can advise you on the adaptation of corporate incentive policies to fit in with local guidelines and ensure full compliance.  In the immediate future we will also be able to offer assistance in implementing the required software data systems to meet all of your payroll needs.

Our full payroll services are as follows:

  • Renumeration calculations including salaries, incentives and bonuses
  • Handling reimbursement of expenses
  • Salary slip and expense reimbursement reports employees
  • Tax Calculations
  • Pension and social security calculations
  • Government tax and other payments report filing
  • Reporting to employer wherever necessary
  • Handling of time and attendance reports
  • Budgeting for payroll including gross and net calculations
  • Business control reports
  • Implementation of HR and Payroll software to fulfill all control and report requirements